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Digital Teesdale


The Digital Teesdale project has its own dedicated website so please click here to find out more and catch up with the latest news.  You can also view the Digital Teesdale leaflet by clicking here

For any queries about Digital Teesdale or to contact the service provider, please get in touch with Comtek, either by telephone 01833 696801, or email 

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Digital Teesdale helps residents in Teesdale get connected to broadband.

The Digital Dale project, backed by Durham County Council in conjunction with One North East, is led by Barnard Castle Vision in co-ordination with a number of local partners including South West Durham Enterprise Agency, Teesdale Action Partnership, Teesdale Village Halls Consortium, North Star Housing, local businesses and residents. Barnard Castle Vision has secured funding for the building, maintenance and operation of the network. The Digital Dale infrastructure was completed in September 2011.  You can take advantage of this servie by contacting Comtek through the details listed above.

Of the proposals tendered in early 2010, Networks By Wireless’s solution offers the most comprehensive and cost-effective coverage of the rural area available, utilising 3.5 GHz of licensed WiMax for client delivery covering all of Teesdale. The network is maintained and operated by Network by Wireless together with their partner ISP, Comtek.

In total, the project connects a number of micro-enterprises and a wide variety of residential, community and business users.  In addition, it offers public internet access to over 100,000 visitors per annum through WiMax technology, approaching 12,000 domestic residences have access and 1000 commercial premises in Teesdale.

Beneficiaries include isolated farms and those communities which formerly had poor or no connectivity.

The Digital Dale project forms part of Barnard Castle Vision’s commitment to provide broadband services to as wide an area as possible across the dale, including remote rural communities.

A survey by Barnard Castle Vision and the Enterprise Agency for Wear Valley and Teesdale in 2008 found that there was great need for better connectivity in Teesdale. As well as identifying many areas of poor or no connectivity, it collated many responses from businesses and residents who wanted or needed better broadband in order to stay in the area.

A Teesdale Action Partnership Needs Analysis in September 2009 also identified the key local issues limited by lack of broadband as Economic, Business, Education, Social Digital Inclusion, Health and Welfare.

Public access points - Barnard Castle Library has 6 internet PCs with 75% usage by residents (70%) and visitors (30%) during opening hours. The Tourist Information Centre has two public internet PCs and BT OpenZone wireless internet access. It is the only BT Wi-Fi OpenZone in Barnard Castle. The only other Wi-Fi hotspot in Teesdale is at Headlam Hall Hotel operated through the T-Mobile UK network.

BT exchange & broadband - The local exchange in Barnard Castle supports ADSL broadband up to 8Mb (depending upon distance from the exchange and the contract you have with your internet service provider). You can check what level of service you should be able to receive at

Background - In 2003, TeesdaleNet (Teesdale Marketing, Teesdale Village Halls Consortium, Teesdale District Council and the Enterprise Agency) campaigned to bring broadband provision to Teesdale. TeesdaleNet mapped the Dale for suitable delivery methods, campaigned BT, liaised with One North East to access funding and equipment and supported the implementation of wireless broadband facilities by DurhamNet at Enterprise House in Barnard Castle and a pilot project throughout the Dale in association with the Village Halls Consortium. In 2004 TeesdaleNet created the gateway

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