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Barney needs a development like [The Witham] to act as a focal point for the community of Teesdale.
Peter, Barnard Castle

[The Witham is] Very promising! Try to encourage Barnard Castle as a centre for art and antiques. Build a good hotel near the town asap.
Gerald, Romaldkirk

Wonderful opportunity – delighted to support the [Witham] project and look forward to being able to use the new facility in time to come.
Mark, Barnard Castle

Wonderful vision for future of the Witham! Can’t wait to see the finished project.
Colin, Barnard Castle

Guests visiting a self-catering cottage suggest a family friendly Italian restaurant would be welcome in Barnard Castle
Visitors to Barnard Castle

Whilst walking in Europe we have been impressed by the excellent refreshment facilities for walkers and well way-marked routes to follow. Teesdale could learn from this example and increase visitors to the area.
Jeff, Cotherstone

Can the Vision improve Star Yard. It is the main thoroughfare into town and it is dirty and unpleasant.
Jessica, Copley

I would like to see an M&S; food hall (like the one in Morpeth) as that will attract shoppers. I’d also like to see an all-weather family social facility e.g. bowling or a truly child -focussed restaurant with activities.

Bypass Barney – The town is spoiled by heavy traffic. We say: this would not help local retailers. We need to manage parking and traffic flow.
Stephen, Bowes

The joint Vision/Town Council proposals for Woodleigh and Scar Top are welcome. Woodleigh should remain the base for local government in the town.
Councillor John Watson

I’m encouraged that the Vision is going to invest in the town’s streetscape. The Town Council will keep Barney clean and tidy. We need retailers to help too.
Councillor John Watson
We’re encouraged that the Vision is plans to bring broadband to parts of the dale with no connectivity.
Les, Baldersdale

I think a lot of businesses would find it useful to ask customers for feedback through a feedback form.
Emma, Baldersdale

Let’s do more to bring the town’s history alive for visitors.
Denise, Barney

Build the suspension bridge. It will make Barney a destination town.
Geoff, Barney businessman

What about a cutting, packaging and distribution facility to help farmers to sell Teesdale lamb direct to consumers?
Julia, Upper Teesdale Agricultural Support Services
We need a food hall / Teesdale farm shop for local food and produce.
Hazel, Teesdale Marketing

Can we get broadband into Hamsterley Forest? Mountain bikers and holiday-makers would use it.
Olly, Hamsterley Trailblazer

I’d like to make the Butter Market accessible and not a roundabout.
Chris, Barney businessman

We need more affordable houses for families. When the army camps were here the population was double what it is now. Shops need more people living here to survive.
Alan, Barney retailer

We need more car parking in Barnard Castle. What about using the Castle? people park inside the walls in York.
John, Middleton-in-Teesdale

The football club is one of the town’s assets and should be part of the plans to expand sports and leisure facilities.

Pat, Football Club

I’m at university and was planning to move away from the town beacuse of the lack of opportunities, but after reading what the Vision is planning for people starting out in arts and crafts I will stay.
Sarah, Barney

Visiting Haltwhistle recently I saw that during the summer throughout the town the fittings used to hold small Xmas trees above shops (similar to those in Barnard Castle) hold small flags with a logo and welcome message. Let’s do this in Barnard Castle.
Mike Way

What about a recreation and leisure section?
Jo Bird

I think a Teesdale Centre for Social Innovation would be a great opportunity for the community of Teesdale and Barnard Castle Fergus, Barnard Castle Vision

The Vision sounds like a great opportunity to improve Barnard Castle’s services and facilities
Simon, Butterknowle

Investing in Barnard Castle will help the whole of Teesdale
David, Mickleton